Syzygy Systems Inc

A Global Value Added Nuclear Technology Company

SSI provides the following services:

Nuclear Facility Management

Systems Engineering

o        Systems Walk-downs

o        Systems Assessments

Project Management

o        Project Engineering

o        Project Controls

Quality Assurance Program

o        Corrective Action

o        Cause Analysis

Nuclear Safety Program

o        Safety Basis Support

o        Review, Implementation and Maintenance (including Hazards Analysis, SARs, DSAs, Bases for Interim Operations (BIO)s, TSRs, USQ)

o        Nuclear Safety Program Development and Implementation

o        Surveillance Development

Personnel Safety Program

o        OSHA Compliance Assessments

Emergency Preparedness Hazards Analyses

o        Emergency Planning

o        Incident Command

Hazardous Waste Management & Compliance

Environmental Restoration Support

Independent Safety Oversight

Maintenance & Work Control
Nondestructive Assay
Human Resources

Syzygy Systems Inc is committed to bringing you a consistently high level of service. We are an indispensible asset to our valued customers.

Let us help you solve your complex 'opportunities' before they become big problems or regulatory headaches! Discover the power that peace of mind can bring. Call SSI today!















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